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The Student Developer Challenge Final – All you need to know

First of all – here’s the most important bit of information, where is the Grand Final actually taking place? The Student Developer Challenge Final takes place at BAFTA, located at 195 Piccadilly, London….


Student Developer Challenge University Tour: Showcase your apps to the rest of your University

Fancy showing off your creations to the rest of your fellow students? The Student Developer Challenge Tour has been created so you can showcase your applications and generate support for all competing students…


Key Dates: Checkpoints and Final Submission Deadlines

Hey there budding coders! As you may have noticed, we’ve now entered 2013 and as time flies when your coding apps, here are some key dates for the Student Developer Challenge. As the…


How to submit your work for the Checkpoint stage

So now we’ve visited you all, your time to work away on the development and polishing of your apps has come. And for some of you, the 4-week Checkpoint stage will be looming!…


Brunel University hosts the penultimate codeathon!

This week we’re at the Brunel University for the Student Developer Challenge’s seventh and penultimate codeathon. With a fantastic turnout so far this year, set to completely topple last year, we’re excited to…


Oxford Codeathon: Phones, advice, fun, food and £500 prize!

Blimey, there’s a lot happening this week! Tomorrow we’re at the University of Nottingham for the Student Developer Challenge’s fifth codeathon. Friday, however, sees a short trip out of the capital to Oxford…


Nottingham Codeathon: 20th & 21st November in Room B52

The bada Challenge codeathons are coming thick and fast now, with Nottingham next on the list. Following on from Abertay, King’s, UCL and Imperial College’s successful events, it’s the turn of Nottingham students…

Imperial College London

Imperial College London Codeathon: Wednesday 14th November

Following a fortnight of successful codeathons at Abertay, King’s and UCL, it’s now the opportunity for the students of Imperial College to show off their coding skills, as they fight to secure a…


Thick and fast : KCL and UCL split codeathons THIS WEEK

The Challenge codeathons are coming thick and fast now, with KCL and UCL next on the list. Following on from Abertays successful events, it’s the turn of King’s and UCL students to prove…


Abertay to host first codeathon in their title defence Tomorrow!

Following our final lecture at Leicester this week, we’re quickly shifting our focus onto the real hardcore phase of the challenge. Like last year, we’re kicking things off in Dundee, at the University…

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