About the Challenge

Last year we brought you the phenomenally successful bada challenge. In which over 350 students from 9 universities battled against one another to create the ultimate apps for the Samsung on their bada platform.

This year we’re back with a brand new bigger and even better challenge for 2012/2013 giving you the chance to develop for three different platforms.

We’ll be working with the experts from SERI again but this time coding for Samsung’s flagship Note devices. The focus of the challenge is both the Note (5.3in) and the 10.1(in) Note as Samsung want to see what ideas the UK’s finest students have on ways to utilise the devices full potential.

When can I start?

Now! Once you’ve signed up with us we’re encouraging people to get to grips with the SDKs if you haven’t already. 

Sign up NOW!

Then you can check when we’ll be visiting you on your University page or on our timetable HERE

Where & When

Firstly we’ll be coming to you! So you won’t have to travel any further than your own University buildings.

We’ll be coming to introduce you to the Challenge first early in your Michealmas Term, then again before Christmas break to get you all together coding , with help from SERI experts to help develop your ideas or if you’ve been eager enough, your work thus far!

We’ll then schedule regional code camps for you to come along to not too far from your University. Here we’ll be able to assess again what work you’ve done and help hone your applications further as we approach the final stage of the competition. Bug fixing, Judging and the grand final in March where we’ll announce the winners. Team and University representatives will have travel and accommodation paid for by the good folk here at the Challenge.

September – October

Introductory Lectures

November – December


January –Febuary

Regional Code Camps & final bug fixing


Mid March – Judging and Grand Final in London

Sign up NOW!

Sign up NOW!

Download the S Pen SDK

download the Android S Pen SDK

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