Grab the first apps from Pocket Gamer and Samsung’s Student Developer Challenge, here

The Samsung Student Developer Challenge was a competition run by Pocket Gamer and Samsung, in which student developers created Android apps – specifically with the Samsung Note devices and the S Pen in mind.

And now, the first batch of apps from the developer challenge are ready for their big debut.
All the apps are available from Samsung Apps, so you can download this first bunch we’re highlighting right away. Just click the link to find out more and check them out.
Without further ado then, let’s look at this trio of student-made apps.
Panicked!Get it here
By Rotaelium Games
Described as an “arcade inspired puzzle game”, this a quick fire puzzler for the quick-witted. Put simply, Panicked! is a game to test how well you can keep your cool while solving conundrums under a strict time limit.
It’s got a dash of WarioWare in the gameplay, and a liberal dose of pop culture in the visuals.
With loads of modes, upgrades to grab, and achievements to unlock, if you’re looking for a substantial challenge on the go, this one’s well worth a look.
World QuizGet it here (all Galaxy devices)
By MY Team
Education and gaming go hand-in-hand, in this cute geography quiz.
Your ability to recognise points on a map, your vexillology nous, and your knowledge of capital cities will be under scrutiny in the single player experience. Do well, and you’ll unlock new continents.
Track this one down here.
Paper CollageGet it here (Galaxy Note II only)
By Lukas Murmann
Paper Collage is a handy tool that allows you to upload an image, whip out an S Pen, and then cut out sections from that picture.
The app then takes these sections and creates a collage with them, allowing you to export the finished product onto an SD card, or to a social network.

If you’re up for putting your friends, relatives, and nearby animals into non-sensical situations, then you should check out the app here

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