Team Rotaeliam bags top prize at Samsung Developer Challenge final

After much deliberation and eleven high-quality presentations from the top app and game developers of tomorrow (note: be nice to these people – they’ll be paying our pensions in years to come), three winners were eventually chosen to walk away with some fame and fortune.

The apps were judged by Chris James (Steel Media), Nizar Romdan (ARM), Manfred Bortenschlager (GSMA) and Oscar Clark (Applifier).

3rd place – £1,000


In third place came University of Abertay team Junkfish, with Foo Foo. Junkfish is made up of the combined talent of Stephanie Bazley, Andrew Bean, Jamie Cross, Adam Dart, Simon Doyle, Judy Vernon, Andrew Tait, Peter Edmond and Gary Robertson.

2nd place – £2,500


Second prize went to another University of Abertay team, this time Crash Course Studios with Super American Football and made up of the suitably kitted out team consisting of Mikey Love, Cameron Shackleton, Dale Robertson and Lyam Walburn.

1st place – £5,000



But, the coveted first prize went to the fantastic Panicked! game that tests the nerves via an ‘avalanche of brain-teasing challenges’ with full use of Samsung’s S Pen technology.

Team Rotoeliam is made up of Rohan Mahtani, Taehyun Lee and Liam Barden (get the team name now?) who walked away with £5,000 to get set on the road of future development.

Special thanks to everyone who made the challenge possible


There was also a chance to thank Lee John Kenny for helping organise the events throughout the UK for the challenge, who sadly couldn’t walk away with his unofficial award.


Finally, none of the developers could have got to where they are today without the additional help and support from Keith Bauwise and Sameer Ballewar from SERI.

We will have more news and comment in the coming days – but for now, everyone is going off to the pub for the post-event drinks reception! See you on the other side…

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