The Lucky Eleven: Student Developer Challenge Finalists announced

This year’s Student Developer Challenge has, yet again, taken us across the length and breadth of the country in search for the brightest and best CS students that our Universities have to offer.

After a successful first incarnation as the ‘bada challenge’, we recruited some of the same Universities, plus the addition of two new ones and took the roads in October last year to revive our quest for the UK’s coding crème de la crème. From the very first lecture at University of Abertay in Dundee, we began breaking last year’s records for lecture attendance and sign ups.

This was a trend that would stay with us for the duration of the challenge and stayed with us right up until last Friday, when the powers that be from Samsung UK, SERI and from us here at the Challenge met in London to shortlist the 11 best applications. This was not an easy task as the 26 applications submitted (another record) were all of the highest quality.

As feelings of nervousness and excitement bubble in equal measures, we’re ready to announce the 11 lucky teams that will be heading south next month to fight for supremacy one last time at the Grand Final, held at the BAFTA headquarters in London, on Monday 8th April.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the lucky eleven…

University of Leicester
Team: Appsolutley
Member: Andrew Seymour
App: Sheepherder

Imperial College London
Team: Rotaeliam
Members: Liam Barden, Taehyun Lee and Rohan Mahtani
App: Panicked!

University of Abertay, Dundee
Team: Junk Fish
Members: Stephanie Bazley, Andrew Bean, Jamie Cross, Adam Dart and Simon Doyle.
App: Foo Foo

University of Abertay, Dundee
Team: Lavalanche
Members: Madison Alexander, Daryl Dundee, James Noble and David Hodgkinson.
App: Lore

University of Abertay, Dundee
Team: Low Gower Games
Members: Laurel Gattenby, Jordan Cameron, Jonathan Jones and Hannah Watts.
App: Dobble

University of Abertay, Dundee
Team: Crash Course Studios
Members: Mikey Love, Cameron Shackleton, Dale Robertson and Lyam Walburn.
App: Super American Football

University of Nottingham
Team: AJ9
Member: Adam Gask
App: Handwriter

Imperial College London
Team: Smezi
Member: Abhijit Chandgadkar
App: Tap the loner

University College London
Team: Lukas Murmann
Member: Lukas Murmann
App: Paper Collage

Brunel University
Team: Team Null
Members: Kenan McGrath, Gavin Lam and Liz Wright
App: Penpoint Football

King’s College London
Team: MY Team
Members: Yordan Yordanov and Marek Mateja
App: World Quiz

All 11 teams, not to mention the remaining 15 that submitted an application, have faced a tough, challenging but very enjoyable journey and deserve huge congratulations on getting this far.

For the 11 finalists, months of blood, sweat and pizza now come down to one last shot where competitors get a chance to present their app to the judging panel before final deliberation takes place. At stake is a £8,500 prize fund and the promise of something infinitely more valuable: free promotion on the Samsung Apps store as the winning app.

The conclusion of the Samsung Student Developer Challenge 2012/13 will mark the end of another wonderful year of the SDC project and one that has set new records that will be hard to beat! Our team started lecturing back in 8th October and through that month spoke to 281 students. We must have done something right as 265 of them signed up and over 200 of them came along to the codeathons to take part, thus doubling the number of students involved despite having one less University participating then the year before.

We also saw a dramatic increase in consumption, with energy drinks and pizza topping the bill everywhere we visited. This year we thought we’d keep tabs and a whopping 113 pizzas were disposed of through the codeathons. Coders certainly work up an appetite.

Now all that remains is for the fat lady to sing on Monday the 8th April, so we wish all Grand Final teams the very best of luck as we look forward to announcing the winners of the Student Developer Challenge 2012/13.

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