Interview: Ro Tae Liam from Imperial College

We interview Ro Tae Liam, one of the three codeathon winners from Imperial College London last November. 

Have you enjoyed the process and the codeathon so far?

Definitely. We’ve had the idea for a while but we needed an opportunity like this to make it happen.

The codeathon, too, was an interesting experience for us all as we really had to impress the judges in just one day! It was also great to be part of a stimulating environment, and the free food didn’t hurt either!

We were also given phones which allowed us to actually test our application on the target platform/device.

How do you feel about winning the codeathon?

Winning the codeathon was a great boost for all of us. We put a lot into the development of the game before and during the codeathon, and it was encouraging to see people enjoy what we’ve made.

We are trying our best to use this opportunity to develop a high quality application that’s ready for the Grand Final!


Are you confident about your chances in the grand final?

Its hard to judge our application because we havent seen the competition. However, we like to remain hopeful for the grand final, and are working hard to match the best apps from other universities. May the best team win! :)

What was your favourite moment and your biggest FAIL?

The codeathon was definitely our favorite moment. Not only did it give us the motivation to continue development, but it also was one of the first time we were able to test our application and the S-Pen on a real smartphone, rather than the emulator.

As for our biggest failure, it took us quite a while to get adjusted to version control, especially because a game like this took a lot of teamwork. However, its working out well now!

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