Key Dates: Checkpoints and Final Submission Deadlines

Hey there budding coders! As you may have noticed, we’ve now entered 2013 and as time flies when your coding apps, here are some key dates for the Student Developer Challenge.

As the lectures, codeathon and your 4-week submission are all distant memories now, here is what lies ahead of you…

Your next KEY DATE is the 13th February 2013, as this is our next self-imposed deadline. We’re urging you to code to your heart’s content throughout January and up to this date, whereby you will be required to submit your app into the Samsung Apps Store**.

This is where your app will be rigorously tested and where most of you will be shown bugs and errors where you didn’t imagine they existed!

It usually takes a week for Samsung Apps to get back in touch with you following your submission, so in theory you will have at least 3 full weeks and 3 chances to do so before 6th March comes around. This date is IMPORTANT because this is the FINAL SUBMISSION date.

We would encourage students to code away in order to have your app at an App store level of quality as quickly as you can, as you are free to submit your app to the store earlier than the 13th February.

The benefit of doing this is that, not only will you have already passed Samsung Apps strict certification processes, but you can constantly add features or change your app once uploaded to the store. It also means we will have full access to the latest version of your application for judging and to offer help.

All of us here at the Student Developer Challenge, SERI and Samsung UK will be meeting on March 11th to create a shortlist of the best applications uploaded to the store by the 6th March FINAL DEADLINE. Once the shortlist has been drawn up, the lucky teams will be contacted and arrangements for travel and accommodation will be organised in some cases (for Universities outside of London).

The shortlisted teams will be asked to create their presentation for the Grand Final and submit it by the 20th March, so as to give us here at the Challenge plenty of time to create one rolling presentation for the Grand Final on the 8th April.

From here on in, there isn’t much more for you to do other than dream of winning one of the three cash prizes that you’ll be competing for at the Grand Final and how you’ll celebrate afterwards with the free bar at our after party!!

Key Dates Summary

  • 13th February: Samsung Apps submission (allowing time for feedback and re-submissions)
  • 6th March: Final Samsung Apps submission deadline
  • 11th March: Judging of final shortlist
  • 12th March: Teams notified and presentation work to be started
  • 20th March: Presentations to be submitted by shortlisted teams
  • 8th April: Grand Final

Any more enquiries?

Please contact Lee Kenny


** REMEMBER! Samsung Apps will only report back in case of failure, not in the case of success. If after having submitted an application to Samsung Apps, nothing is heard after 7 days, the application has successfully passed and can be found somewhere in the store.

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