Top 5 Best Selling S Pen Apps

The S Pen really does give an edge for applications, and we’ve got the current top five best selling apps on the Samsung App store that might help inspire you.

There’s no reason to think that you couldn’t have your app featuring in the charts next year!

The S Pen is mightier than the sword


1) MyRealFont 

Choosing a cool font is one thing, but imagine being able to create your very own using the S Pen to capture your own handwriting, or simply just have some fun with silly designs or symbols.

MyRealFont, available free for a limited time, allows you to send truly personalised messages with a range of backgrounds to help you get going.

The app also lets you save your newly created fonts to use on a PC or Mac, a good example of how you might seek to add some more functionality to your app.


2) Photo Desk

A user friendly gallery with a split screen interface makes it easy to make photos, using both your finger and S Pen simultaneously.

Functions include creating, deleting and merging folders and using drag & drop to transfer photos (and other media).

In addition to managing your media, the app also includes a range of filters and other simple editing tools, as well as allowing you to see all of the locations where photographs were taken.


3) SignDoc Mobile

It’s one of the more obvious uses of a pen, and SignDoc Mobile is an app that has gained approval as a recognised way to sign electronic documents.

If you’ve ever received a PDF document that has needed a signature, it has probably been very time consuming – as well as frustrating – to print out the document, sign with a real pen, then re-scan the document to email. Now you don’t have to, as signing will take a matter of seconds.

Additional features include the ability to take a photograph of the signer, or take digital images of supporting ID documentation.

Signed documents can either be sent via email or shared with cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


4) Animating Touch

Upset that you never got that job at Pixar? Well fear not, as we’ve got an app that can let you show off your creative skills at animation the old-fashioned way!

Using the S Pen to create animations is simple with Animating Touch, from making short stories to drawing entire comics.

Creating an animation is simple, with the creation of key frames that enables the software to fill in the gaps automatically, while you can further enhance your creations with the use of weapons, hats, speech bubbles etc.

Once completed, you can share your creations by building a video file that can be emailed or uploaded to YouTube.


5) Paintrala


Paintrala is where painting meets social networking, allowing you to share paintings with friends all over the world and also follow other artists.

You don’t need to be a professional painter to use the app, and you can start by simply turning an existing photograph into a sketch.

As you get more confident, you can participate in contests with other people on a range of particular subjects.

See more S Pen apps on Samsung Apps. We’ll keep checking on new apps and updates to keep you informed and inspired!

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