How to submit your work for the Checkpoint stage

So now we’ve visited you all, your time to work away on the development and polishing of your apps has come. And for some of you, the 4-week Checkpoint stage will be looming!

Here’s a quick reminder, then, of what we’re expecting and how you can submit it to us.

For the intermediate Checkpoint stage we expect an Android installable package (.apk) of your application/s which you should send along with any specifics as to what hardware your application should be run on.

If you could also include a word document with all of your team details, name, app name along with a heads up on what your game is all about, the work you’ve done and where you hope to progress it if possible.

We would ask that you send this to us with DropBox if possible – accounts with up to 2GB storage space are available free of charge and are perfect for sending your work across to us and our SERI experts.

Please send all this to

Once received, your SERI experts will test your app so far and provide helpful feedback.

This bit is important: Be sure to state your team name and a contact email address within the documents that outline what your app is, what progress you have made and what further work you have still left to do.

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