UCL Codeathon: The newcomers prove they’re gunning for the top prize!

With King’s codeathon all wrapped up by Wednesday night, the very next morning we were already up bright and early to kick start newcomers UCL’s codethon running from 10am to 9pm, Thursday and Friday.

As one of two newbie Universities to the challenge this year, there’s a lot of pressure on them to prove that they’re up to the task of nabbing the SDC crown from Abertay.

The short trip across city centre London to the Malet Place Buildings at Torrington Place was a quick one and after some reshuffling of rooms due to some unexpected technical issues, we found our home in Room 1.21 ready for the next couple of days worth of coding. And code we did!

Once again a mixture of teams and individuals and a mixture of application types, but all of a very high level of innovation and quality. As the second session was nearing it’s conclusion, we teamed up yet again and whizzed round the teams to do our final round of judging for the week and as ever, we decided that the spoils were to be shared….

In ascending order…

Team Collage

Lukas Murmann


IV Power

Aran Webster, Andrew Frangopoulos, Neil Richards, Joe Smith


Cafe Racer

Raoul Mooyart


We’ve been tweeting and facebooking constantly, so check out our sites to see if you’ve been snapped and shared with the world!

Finally, we’d like to thank the people that made this all possible. First we’d like to thank Jill Saunders for helping make UCLs codeathon go so smoothly and attract students to our challenge. Keith Bauwise and Sameer Ballewar from SERI, for going beyond the call of duty and staying up with us until the evening hours Tuesday – Friday, giving students support all the way through.

Finally, we’re thanking you , the students once again. As without you all we’d have is a whole lot of hardware and an series of empty CS laboratories across the UK!

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