Despite the fantastic attendances we’ve seen across the UK so far, some of you have been in touch to say you couldn’t make our lecture at your University but still want to know more.

Therefore, we’ve made both presentations available here and answered some of your frequently asked questions below!

When can I start?

Answer: Now! As we’ve been saying on our lecture tour, there’s no harm in starting right away and getting a head start.

I missed the lecture, can I still take part?

Answer: Of course you can! The lecture is there to inform you about how the challenge works and what you can expect from Steel Media and Samsung in terms of support and prizes.

I can’t make the codeathon, does this effect my chances of qualifying?

Answer: No it doesn’t. If you don’t want, or need, advice from Samsung’s expert coders then you don’t have to come. However, with this kind of help available we would advise you to take advantage of it.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you’ll also be missing out on a whole lot of fun and food!

When will we be getting the devices?

Answer: We will have the devices for you at the codeathon stage.

What is SERI?

Answer: “Samsung Electronic Research Institute”, based in Staines:

Manfred Bortenschalger – manfred.b@samsung.com

Keith Bauwise – keith.b@partner.samsung.com

Sameer Ballewar – s1.ballewar@partner.samsung.com

Where can I find information about our codeathon?

Answer: For when and where, visit the schedule here.

If you want to know what things are like, have a look at last year’s Facebook album. You’ll notice a lot of smiles, pizza, energy drinks and above all: CODING!

Need to know more?

If your questions haven’t been answered here, drop us an email at info@studentdeveloperchallenge.com and we’ll not only answer it, but add it to the FAQs.

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