ChatON API: What you need to know

ChatON Service

ChatON is a global mobile communications service that lets you connect with people and develop better relationships with your buddies all over the world.

It offers some of the most exciting features that differentiate ChatON from other mobile messengers in the market.

If you want to find out more about the ChatON service, please visit ChatON’s Offical Website.


With the ChatON API, you can involve millions of ChatON buddies around the world in your upcoming apps and services.

Integrate various ChatON capabilities into your own applications – interact with your buddies directly from your application through embedded chat, invite ChatON buddies to play games together by sending invitation via ChatON messenger, and more.

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Features of ChatON API

The ChatON API consists of a Server API and Client Library. With the Server API, 3rd party applications can implement ChatON capabilities from different types of applications such as a web client or native mobile client. On the other hand, the Client Library allows 3rd party applications to directly call or invoke functionality in a ChatON application running on an Android device.

Server API

With the Server API, 3rd party applications can access ChatON features directly from the ChatON server:

  • Consists of 3 major modules with 13 features related to authentication, a buddy list and chat
  • Supports various platforms such as mobile and web

Server API

Module Feature Description
Connect Authentication Provides user authentication and application authorization to access the Server API.
Graph Get my profile Returns his/her own user profile information.
Get my buddies Returns his/her own buddy list.
Add a buddy Allows ChatON user to add another ChatON user as his/her buddy.
Get user’s profile Returns a specific user’s profile information.
Get user’s profile image Returns a specific user’s profile image.
Check user’s join status Checks whether or not a specific user is a registered ChatON user or not .
Messaging Start a chat Initiates a chat conversation by sending the first message to recipients.
Normal chat Sends a message to recipient(s) once a chat room session has been created.
End a chat Ends a chat room (session).
Invite to a chat Invites his/her buddy to a group chat.
Push notification Notifies the sender whether his/her message has been read by recipient(s).
Get chatroom list Returns a list of chat rooms that a specific user is participating in.
Get members of a chat room Returns a list of users that are participating in a specific chat room.

Client Library

With the Client Library, 3rd party applications can communicate with the ChatON service from directly within a device:

  • Supports up to 10 functions, such as getting buddy lists, opening chat room dialogs, sending messages and more
  • Only supported on Android devices

Client Library

Module Feature Description
Graph Get buddy list Returns his/her own buddy list.
Get buddy’s profile image Returns a specific buddy’s profile image.
Add buddy Adds a new buddy.
Pick buddies Displays a ChatON buddy list via the ChatON service with a check box for selection.
Get my profile Returns his/her own user profile.
Messaging Open a chat room Opens a chat room with a specific buddy.
Open a chat room with dialog box Opens a chat room with a specific buddy with a dialog box via ChatON service.
Show buddy/chat list to send content Displays a list of buddies and a chat list via the ChatON service for the user to select recipients.
Send content to specific user Sends a content to a specific user.

Partnership Registration

For the beta release of the ChatON API v1.0, we are granting access privilege to a few selected partners.

Please refer to the steps below if you want to gain access to the ChatON API :

Partnership Registration
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Please email for any questions regarding the Partnership Registration.

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