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Grab the first apps from Pocket Gamer and Samsung’s Student Developer Challenge, here

The Samsung Student Developer Challenge was a competition run by Pocket Gamer and Samsung, in which student developers created Android apps – specifically with the Samsung Note devices and the S Pen in…


VIDEO »The Student Developer Challenge Grand Final


The Student Developer Challenge Final – All you need to know

First of all – here’s the most important bit of information, where is the Grand Final actually taking place? The Student Developer Challenge Final takes place at BAFTA, located at 195 Piccadilly, London….


The Lucky Eleven: Student Developer Challenge Finalists announced

This year’s Student Developer Challenge has, yet again, taken us across the length and breadth of the country in search for the brightest and best CS students that our Universities have to offer….


Uploading your FREE APP

Hello Everyone! Thanks to the strong communication lines between us, you and SERI. It’s come to our attention that some of you are hoping to upload your Apps as a paid application. Now…


Student Developer Challenge University Tour: Showcase your apps to the rest of your University

Fancy showing off your creations to the rest of your fellow students? The Student Developer Challenge Tour has been created so you can showcase your applications and generate support for all competing students…


App approval: Common causes for rejection and tips to avoid them

As you get closer to the deadline to submit your newly created app, we’ve got information from Samsung about the top ten reasons for an app submission rejection, with tips on how to…


Interview: Ro Tae Liam from Imperial College

We interview Ro Tae Liam, one of the three codeathon winners from Imperial College London last November.  Have you enjoyed the process and the codeathon so far? Definitely. We’ve had the idea for…


Key Dates: Checkpoints and Final Submission Deadlines

Hey there budding coders! As you may have noticed, we’ve now entered 2013 and as time flies when your coding apps, here are some key dates for the Student Developer Challenge. As the…


Interview: Jayen from ‘The Gang’ at King’s College

As part of our ongoing interviews, we spoke to Jayen Kumar Jaentilal of ‘The Gang’ at King’s College to find out what he thought of the Developer Challenge so far. Have you enjoyed the…

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